How to stop worrying and live your life with confidence, The new COVID-19 Screening test is new available
We are proud to announce that our cooperate resort and hotel are now officially approved for Alternative Local Quarantine for those who wish to return to Thailand
Alternative Hospital Quarantine Program is now available at Bangkok hospital Pattaya for those who seek medical treatment and currently living outside of the Kingdom of Thailand.

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Health check-up programs can predict your future health issues, Together we will help you take care of them. Available from 1 Feb - 28 Feb 2021, and can be used up to 31 Jul 2021
Health insurance and General patients, Today to 30 June 2021
New innovation for the first time in Thailand, Sleep quality evaluation, analyzing hormone levels from urine with specific test kit, Result available in 2 weeks
Take care, Prevent, Strengthen and Restore your health from inside out in the specific way that suits you.
The new Coronavirus pandemic has well and truly taken the world by storm. Some countries tried to ignore the march of the virus into everyday life, but the past three months have shown that the Coronavirus should not be ignored. It is part of the pandemic.
The song Hands, Knees and Boomps-a-Daisy was written by Annette Mills and was first recorded by Joe Loss and His Band and sung by Annette herself in 1939. Being a very active number it is still played today and very much enjoyed by children.

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