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ICHOM Awareness Activity

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On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya organized an event to raise awareness and promote pride in the ICHOM award. Dr. Piyaporn Thipayarat, the Hospital Director, presided over the event at the ICHOM exhibition booth on the 1st floor of Building A. The purpose was to communicate to employees within the organization about Bangkok Hospital Pattaya being the first hospital in Thailand to achieve ICHOM certification.

ICHOM aims to standardize the measurement of health outcomes and patient care to improve healthcare provider capabilities. It focuses on providing high-quality and value-based healthcare, emphasizing quality care for patients before, during, and after treatment. This approach includes collecting standardized data to assess the systemic physical and mental health outcomes for patients, starting with two challenging and complex disease groups: cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Additionally, there is a focus on patient needs, treatment outcomes, and post-treatment goals to enable patients to return to a better quality of life. The healthcare system emphasizes adding value in all aspects, including quality, services, patient and family perception, duration, and cost. The goal is to improve and develop a quality healthcare system that allows patients to enjoy a long and healthy life up to the age of 85. It’s not just about achieving good treatment outcomes, but ensuring that patients can return to the same or even better quality of life as before.

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