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Yes!!! Another Center of Excellence

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The Urology Center at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya has been certified by Boston Scientific (USA) to be the only “Center of Excellence” on Water Vapor Therapy in the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand and second in ASEAN.

Dr. Niti Navanimitkul, Urologist and Water Vapor Therapy specialist at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is experienced with Water Vapor Therapy. He delivers significant, lasting symptom relief to men suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

This new Water Vapor Therapy relieves symptoms, obstructions, and reduces the overgrowth of prostate tissue associated with BPH. The treatment does not require abdominal surgery being a Day case procedure which requiring15-20 minutes only. The patient will have a quick recovery and is able to return to normal life with no need to take expensive medication.

Most importantly, with the patients getting older, sexual performance is still being maintained, compared to open surgical techniques.

The new Water Vapor Therapy is a fast, safe, day case procedure and preserves Sexual Function!

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