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Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, is the largest tertiary referral hospital on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand

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Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, is the largest tertiary referral hospital on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, and is the only hospital in Pattaya accredited by the American Joint Commission International. We see over 400,000 patients each year, with more than 170,000 coming from overseas.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya was founded in 1990 with only 100 beds, but is now a 16-storey, 300-bed facility providing comprehensive care, utilizing a complete raft of diagnostic and treatment facilities. We have more than 100 dedicated full-time specialist physicians using the world’s most advanced medical technology so we can provide our patients with accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. They are backed up by 170 Medical Consultants.
Pattaya is a popular tourist destination and welcomes a vast number of international visitors each year. This influx of tourists, combined with the city’s proximity to the key industrial estates on the Eastern Seaboard, brings over 150,000 international patients to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya annually. While all our doctors speak English, we also have a team of interpreters covering all major international languages if required.


In good medicine, good communication is a ‘must’ today. Being an international hospital we maintain a large International Service Department which can communicate with and assist our patients in more than 20 languages including facilitating insurance claims. We have ultra-modern specialist centers including a 24 hour Heart Center, Neuroscience Center, Surgery Center, SuperSight and LASIK Centers, Emergency Medical Center, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Center, Orthopedic Center, Internal Medicine Center, Medical Imaging, including MRI, and Rehabilitation, plus another 13 minor Centers.


Bangkok Hospital Pattay is an integral part of the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, the largest medical group in South-East Asia with affiliations to 41 other hospitals throughout the region.

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