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Health Promotion

We provide comprehensive packages for annual physical examination for both walk-in and group customers. We have a mobile x-ray unit, and we can perform many tests, including hearing test, lung function tests as well as electro-cardiogram for group examination 

Initial benefits for annual physical check-up:
  • Knowing your body is functioning correctly
  • An early detection of diseases before any symptoms develop and therapy can be started early
  • Receiving medical counseling related to general healthful habit and what to do for particular diseases or conditions identified during check-up.
When you arrive:
  • Inform the registration personnel that you are here for a check-up. You will be directed to the Health Promotion Center.
  • A sample of blood and urine will be taken. A chest x-ray and an E.K.G. (if required) will be taken. The above procedure usually takes about thirty minutes.
  • A physician will meet with you after all lab and x-ray results are available to advise you of the findings.

After the initial check-up session, you may be referred to see a specialist for your specific findings on the same day or an appointment will be made at a time more convenient (additional fees and expenses may apply).

Preparing yourself for a check-up:
  • Arrive early on the day.
  • Do not eat or drink (other than water) after midnight.

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