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Hybrid Operating Room (Hybrid OR)

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Hybrid OR

Developing a new step in medical technology in treatment for vascular disease patients who need surgery as primary treatment by using advanced radiation imaging technology, installed in the operating room to increase potential and capabilities of the surgery, supporting patients who undergo complex surgical treatment

  • Design to have extra space for systematic working of multidisciplinary team such as surgeon, radiologist, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, nurses and radiology technician
  • Full with state-of-the-art operating equipment and vascular x-ray imaging machine which give clear image, able to tell size and location of the vascular including pathology to assist with more precise surgery. The operating bed is designed for the radiation to penetrate through the patients in all directions, adjustable in many levels and automatically move in accordance with the x-ray imaging machine
  • Equipped with a set of anesthetic inhaler devices, medical gas dispenser and electronic socket and a ceiling hanging medical equipment rack with surgical lamp including installation of leaded mirror for visibility between the control room and the operating room
  • Air circulation system can reduce the contamination of dirt particles in the air which reduce infection rate. Also the operating room walls were built with radiation protection strong materials, and the surface has the feature of reducing the adhesion of micro-organisms to enhance the safety of patients and personnel within and outside the operating room.

Benefits of having procedure in the Hybrid OR

1. Assist with diagnosis and treatment process in one visit which reduces time to care for patients and the patient can recover and get back to daily life faster. Resulting in shorter time for hospital stay in the ward and critical care unit including reducing blood loss which allows the patient recover faster
2. Suitable for patients with complex and high risk disease which is not suitable for traditional surgery under the treatment and operation by the multidisciplinary team at the same time
3. Necessary operation with small surgical wound, procedure that require vascular catheter together with general surgery, procedure with vascular catheter through the skin such as heart balloon with general surgery

Scope of surgical services

  • Organ transplant surgery
  • Surgery for patients in cardio vascular and thoracic system
  • Diagnosis and surgery for vascular system related disease
  • Diagnosis and laparoscopic surgery in gynecology and urology system
  • Diagnosis, surgery and procedure with tools and equipment that are technologically advanced for the specialist team

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