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Emergency Medical Service Center

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Every Second Counts!

Emergency Medical Service Center, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is open 24 hours. We are always with you. Our critical care specialists, nurses and advanced-medical technology will ensure that our critically ill patients will be treated in a timely manner with the highest standard of care.

Critical Time

• Critical Care Specialists, nurses and advanced-medical technology and equipment are available to attend to the needs of our patients 24 hours a day
• Effective Critical Care System at the scene and transfer to the hospital
• Fast-track for patients with heart disease, stroke and in emergency situations

The Trauma Center (level 2)

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is the private hospital in Thailand verified by the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand to provide Trauma care Level 2 that we are able to initiate intensive care for all seriously injured patients according to standard of trauma care of Thailand, the Service Plan of Ministry of Public Health and Office of The National Economic and Social Development Board

Pre-Hospital Life Support

Our doctors and nurses are always prepared to take care of all patients from the emergency scene, during the transfer to the hospital with our international standard resuscitation equipment approved by JCI (Joint Commission International, USA) to provide patients with the best treatment.

Patient Ambulance Services

PATSEA is an efficient emergency water craft size 46 ft., specially designed with 2 standard beds with fully lifesaving medical equipment. The 3 Mercury engines with 300HP, GPS navigation and intelligent communication devices allow the Hydrolance to travel at high speed for 140 nautical miles. Treatment can start at sea.

  • Mobile CCU

The Mobile CCU (Coronary Care Unit) will provide timely assistance for patients suffering from heart conditions. This mobile unit has cardiologists specializing in heart problems and has the highest on-board medical technology equipment similar to an emergency ward, not just an ambulance. The patients receive specialist treatment immediately in the mobile CCU, even during the transfer to the hospital.

  • Mobile ICU

Mobile ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for seriously injured or ill patients is outfitted to provide immediate treatment for our patients. This ambulance offers you the best emergency treatment using high technology medical equipment, e.g. the Nasal CPAP (Nasal continuous positive airway pressure), oxygen supply and suction equipment, blood pressure monitoring, saline drips, electrocardiogram, defibrillator and emergency medicines, etc. Our rescue team of doctors and nurses will give primary treatment to the patients as if they were in the hospital’s emergency room.

  • Helipad 

This is one of the services offered by the accident and emergency center of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. With a world class standard helipad, the patient transfer service via helicopter is possible 24 hours a day.

Critical Care Team
  • Emergency Room: ER

Our emergency team is comprised of specialist doctors, nurses and the technical team. All of the staff have been trained in critical care of patients. The emergency ward has 14 patient beds, 1 bed in CPR room and a surgical bed for minor surgery. This is to ensure that our Emergency Room is capable to handle a Mass-casualty Incident (MCI)

  • Operating Room: OR

Patients will be treated by experienced surgeons, surgical nurses and anesthesia specialists, operating in our 100% sterilized operating theatres, equipped with all the latest medical equipment.

  • Catheterization Unit: Cath Lab

This lab is exclusively for patients suffering from cardiac diseases, heart attacks, and blocked cardiac blood vessels. Balloon and cardiac blood vessel stenting is carried out by experienced Interventional Cardiologists assisted by nurses and technicians from various specialized fields. All processes utilize world class standard modern high technology medical equipment. This lab is available 24 hours a day.

  • Cardiac Care Unit: CCU

This unit is for patients who have heart disease or a vascular crisis that needs immediate and close treatment and monitoring, requiring special medical equipment to track patients’ symptoms and conditions to ensure that they receive optimum treatment.

  • Intensive care unit: ICU

This Unit is exclusive for the severely ill patients or injured patients, plus patients who have just had major surgery and require observation. Patients receive the intensive care by doctors and nurses, using modern medical equipment.

Pathway Systems

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya provides 3 Emergency Pathway Systems to support critical patients with heart disease and stroke with fast and effective diagnosis and treatment.

Trauma Fast track

Fast track system is for critical patients who need immediate evaluation, management and treatment to get through the critical first hour and reduce the pain from the injuries.

Chest pain Pathway

Fast track system is especially for patients suffering from chest pain, possibly from coronary heart disease who needs immediate treatment. Our cardiologists, nurses and cardiac team are available 24 hours because the sooner the treatment the better the prognosis.

Stroke Pathway

Fast track system is to improve the prognosis, and reduce paralysis for acute stroke patients. With our experienced neurologists and advanced medical technology, we can diagnose the condition and perform effective treatment in a timely manner.


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