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Diabetes Mellitus (DM) & Endocrinology Center

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Diabetes MellitusEndocrinology Center

Diabetes and Endocrine Center is providing treatment for patients with diabetes and endocrine diseases by a team of specialists who work in the evaluation, management and education together with specialized nurses and nutritionists to counsel the patients in all aspects of living with DM.Only Diabetes and Endocrine Center in a private hospital in the eastern region

Using state-of-the-art-technology equipment, international standards and medical data linkage between related specialties 

  • Diagnosis and treatment for patients with diabetes and endocrine diseases
  • Diabetes risk assessment
  • Recommendation on how to control sugar levels to prevent any complications
  • Providing health education to patients with diabetes during pregnancy
  • Weight Loss Clinic to prevent diabetes and being vulnerable to various diseases
  • Treat, care and prevent diabetic patients from complications such as coronary artery disease, neurological complications, chronic wounds etc.
  • Health education for patients with diabetes on how to look after themselves
  • Health education for family/ relatives on how to care for diabetic patients correctly
  • Annual diabetes check-up programs
  • Using medical technology in diagnosis and treatment
  • Recovery and follow up: providing long term follow up care for diabetic patients by a team of specialists including ophthalmologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, rehabilitation doctors, nutritionists. Providing recreational activities for patients with diabetes and relatives to share their knowledge and carry out activities together

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