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What shall I write about this month? Catfish?

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Twice each month I will get a nudge from K. Wan (Head of Getting Dr. Iain To Do Things Department) that I should be writing something for the newsletters each month.

At times this can be quite onerous.  If there is no hospital ‘special deal’ on what subject should I write the pearls of wisdom?

Then of course, there is always the nagging thought, “Does anybody actually read this?”  However, I can put that one to rest after I got a nasty email from a body builder inferring that I was too old and knew nothing about nutrition.  So he read it at least!  And if I ever need ‘specialist’ advice on how to build myself a new body, I know where to go.

But back to the importance of this month, August.  Somebody, somewhere has collected the data and here’s what August has for us:

The Admit You’re Happy Month

Family Fun Month

National Catfish Month

National Eye Exam Month

National Golf Month

Peach Month

Romance Awareness Month

Water Quality Month

National Picnic Month

But that’s not all, the four weeks have earth shattering importance too.  There is 

Week 1 National Simplify your Life Week

Week 2 National Smile Week

Week 3 Friendship Week

Week 4 Be Kind to Humankind Week

National Golf Month underestimates the popularity in Pattaya – it should be National Golf Year.  But remember that ‘golf’ is merely ‘flog’ backwards.

The nomination for Water Quality Month certainly did not come from Pattaya.  We didn’t have any.  Intrepid walkers on water could be seen practicing by crossing the Mabrachan reservoir on foot in the afternoons.

The mind boggles a bit at National Catfish Month.  Who did the lobbying for this to be incorporated in August?  I have two pet catfish and neither admits responsibility.  I did give them an extra measure of fish pellets, so they didn’t miss out.

However, I think I should promote National Eye Exam this month, as that would certainly show some benefits, even if just the sale of white sticks.  And sorry, we don’t sell any.


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