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Practical Preventive Medicine

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One of my favorite messages goes :

A fence at the top of the cliff is better than an ambulance at the bottom!

I do think everyone would agree with that idea, but when you relate that to the practice of medicine, where the fence is a check-up and the ambulance is the result of failure of an organ system, there is not the same universal agreement.

I suppose this e-newsletter is really dedicated to those in the “I’d rather not know” group, who are taking a rather negative view towards what can be found in an annual check-up.  And what can be done about it.

Let’s look first at the blood sugar measurement.  A simple blood test which can immediately tell you if you have Diabetes.  Untreated diabetes shortens your life span and makes the last decade of your life fairly miserable.  However, it can be treated, if found early enough.  Fence at the top of the cliff!

In that same blood test, you can find out if your liver is healthy.  Letting it get to become cirrhosis again makes your last decade anything but fun.  It can be treated if caught early enough.  Fence at the top of the cliff.

How about a Chest X-Ray, looking for lung cancer or TB?  Both conditions we can do something about, if we can catch it early enough.  Wouldn’t you rather know?  Wouldn’t you rather have that fence at the top of the cliff?

Kidney failure is not a pleasant situation to be in, with kidney dialysis every few days.  We’ve got a blood test that will predict that failure for you, and we can do something to help your kidneys.  Another fence at the top of the cliff.

Now all those tests I just mentioned, plus many more, can be carried out during the discount period of November 1 through to December 31, and all for B. 3,000.

Of course, if you would like more comprehensive testing that can be done as well, and is money well spent, but you must book before end of December.

Just don’t wait for the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.  That’s too late.


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