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“New Normal” explained

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I must admit I am not a fan of “New Normal”. It will remain “abnormal” in my book. Sure, there are many good hygienic principals involved in this New Normal lifestyle, but that still doesn’t mean it is “Normal”.

However, we (you and me) are stuck with it.

The difficulties in handling this viral pandemic lies in the fact that it is a very contagious virus. Now factor in the situation where we are dealing with a virus and not a bacterium, so no front-line foot soldiers to ward it off. And antibacterials don’t work (it’s a virus, not a bacterium). Remember?

Another problem lies in the virulence of this virus. Unfortunately, the media tend to quote numbers of deaths and you get an incorrect figure regarding virulence. What needs to be looked at are the number of deaths per million of population.

America is made out to be the worst country, but when you compare the deaths per million you get the following (Statistics courtesy of Dr Michael Moreton)

UK 658
Italy 578
France 460
USA 413

And now look at SE Asia and you get

Singapore 4
Japan 8
S Korea 6
Thailand >1.0

Two totally different figures. Why? Currently we don’t know, but with all the scientists working to produce a vaccine, we will have the answer soon. Please!

Make New Normal the safe way while you are waiting.

  • Wear a face mask outside
  • Wash hands regularly, eat cooked food, don’t share spoons
  • Observe Social Distancing when using public transportation
  • Use the Drive-Thru vaccination channel to avoid getting out of the car
  • Use online communication channels
  1. Consult doctor online via our Tele-medicine system
  2. Use our Medication Delivery service
  3. Reduce contact/touching physical money by using e-Payment service

By Dr. Iain Corness


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