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Masking the disease

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I forgot my face mask the other day. In fact I find it very easy to forget my mask, but I finally have the answer – I loop it over the gear lever. Wherever the car goes, so do I.

Well, that’s the theory behind it all. My wearing of a mask stops me transmitting the virus to you, not to stop me getting the virus, so when you see me wearing a mask, you should really say, “Thank you.”

It appears that currently wearing a mask is the best first line defense against this rampant Covid-19 virus which has changed the way we see the world. And how the rest of the world sees us!

What is even more interesting is the fact that the use of masks is not a new development, as they were using masks in the 1500’s, the days of the Black Death. However, the main reason was to counteract the smell of the decomposing dead, bodies laid out in the street, waiting for the cart whose driver would call out “Bring out your dead.”

There are very interesting stats with Covid-19. However, many people (and countries) are confused with their comparisons of the way the country’s are handling the pandemic, thinking that the total numbers of dead is the comparison. But it isn’t.

What has to be factored in are the population numbers. Country A with say four times the population of country B should then see four times the number of deaths. Simple mathematics. To then compare you need a common denominator and deaths per million of population is more accurate. Look at these:

USA 413
France 460
UK 658
Now look at these:
Singapore 4
Japan 8
Thailand <1
SE Asia is looking very good, and wearing masks.

(Figures courtesy of Dr Mike Moreton, Canada)


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