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Updates“Dengue Fever” 2015 Increased number of patients in 15-24 year age group and students!

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Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health, predicts number of patients with dengue fever in 2015 to be around 70,000 patients. Mostly are in age group of 15-24 years old. The sickness rate was highest among the students and trending to increase in adults.

In Chonburi province, high risk areas for Dengue Fever are in Banglamung, Sriracha and Muang Chonburi respectively.

Dengue Fever has multiple risk factors and there is no vaccination to prevent this yet. If you have high fever, loss of appetite or vomiting for more than  2 days please visit doctor immediately to screen for  Dengue NS1 and PCR*. Early diagnosis will lowers the severity of the disease and risk of death.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya can provide fast and accurate screening by Dengue NS1 method which takes 1 hour for the result or 2 days for PCR result.

Source: Bureau of Bureau of Vector-Borne Diseases, Bureau of Epidemiology. Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health

*Remarks: Dengue Fever screening by Dengue NS1 and PCR will give 100% accurate result for the patient who has had symptoms for 1-2 days.

For more information, please contact Medicine Center, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya Tel. 1719

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