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Break Bone Fever

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How can one little mosquito kill you?   That one little mosquito (Aedes Aegypti) carries the Dengue Virus and that bite gives you the virus and can cause a hemorrhage and the blood loss (called Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever) kills you.

Is there a risk of mosquito bites in Pattaya?  Yes there is, with the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health, increasing surveillance of five important diseases which includes Dengue Fever.

Each year, an estimated 390 million dengue infections occur around the world.  Of these, 500,000 cases develop into Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, the more severe form of the disease, which results in up to 25,000 deaths annually worldwide.

The original name for Dengue Fever was Brake Bone Fever as patients with Dengue complained of severe bone pain.

The number of patients spikes in May to August and continues until the end of the year.  Most are in age group of 15-24 years.  There are risk areas of the outbreak nationwide in Thailand, and one of those areas is Chonburi province.

There is no vaccination for Dengue Fever to prevent this yet, but early diagnosis will lower the severity of the disease and risk of death.

Important facts:

The host mosquito breeds in water so don’t leave water containers outside, the mosquito bites at dusk and dawn especially and use repellents containing DEET.

Have you got it?  Bangkok Hospital Pattaya can provide fast and accurate screening by Dengue NS1 method which takes 1 hour for the result or 2 days for PCR result.

These tests give a 100 percent accurate result for a patient who has had symptoms for 1-2 days.  If you have high fever, bone pains, loss of appetite or vomiting for more than 2 days please visit our doctor immediately to screen for Dengue NS1 and PCR.


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