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Partial denture

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If you have most or all of your teeth missing, we can help you by creating dentures which closely resemble naturalteeth and gums.

Dentures help improve your appearance along with restoring eating and speaking abilities. We can also make immediate dentures for patients who need their front teeth extracted, so that they do not have to be without teeth. For the patients who have been using dentures for a longer period, we can reline their old dentures to make them fit as good as new

Denture & Implant
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A removable denture

A removable partial denture is a set of false or replacement teeth. Dentures are either manufactured in a complete set or a partial set, depending on the amount of teeth that need to be replaced. If all of the teeth in a person’s mouth need replacement, a set of complete dentures is required. If a person has some original teeth that do not need replacement, a partial set of dentures is created to fit around the existing teeth.

Removable partial dentures may be attached to the teeth in several different ways, depending on the specific requirements of the wearer. The first type is often known as a temporary or treatment partial denture. A temporary removable partial denture typically consists off prosthetic teeth attached to a plastic or acrylic base. The denture may be attached to the teeth with metal clamps or the base may be designed and shaped to hold the denture in place. They are often used as a temporary means of preserving the oral appearance of the wearer while a longer lasting denture alternative is being manufactured.


A second type of removable partial denture is constructed around a cast metal framework and is often called a cast metal removable partial denture. These types of dentures are designed to be longer-lasting and more comfortable for the wearer than a flipper design. The teeth are attached to a gum-colored acrylic base and are connected through a metal framework that is specifically molded to fit each patient.


Most cast metal removable partial dentures are designed so that the framework does not come into much contact with the gums. This prevents oral sore spots from chafing and rubbing that is commonplace with the temporary partial denture.

Handling a partial denture requires care. It’s a good idea to stand over a folded towel or a sink of water just in case you accidentally drop the denture. Brush the denture each day to remove food deposits and plaque. Brushing your denture helps prevent the appliance from becoming permanently stained. It’s best to use a brush that is designed for cleaning dentures. A denture brush has bristles that are arranged to fit the shape of the denture. A regular, soft-bristled toothbrush is also acceptable. Avoid using a brush with hard bristles, which can damage the denture.

Clean your dentures by thoroughly rinsing off loose food particles. Moisten the brush and apply the denture cleaner. Brush all denture surfaces gently to avoid damaging the plastic or bending the attachments.

Denture could lose its proper shape if it is not kept moist. At night, the denture should be placed in soaking solution or water. However, if the appliance has metal attachments, they could be tarnished if placed in soaking solution. Your dentist can recommend the proper method for keeping your dentures in good shape.

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