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FemtoLASIK, a new technology is making LASIK safer and better. LASIK is the nation’s most popular vision correction procedure. The surgery has always been a two-step process. In the first step, the surgeon makes a thin flap with femtosecond laser and folds it back for the second step, during which a device called an excimer laser is used to ablate corneal tissue for vision correction.

For many people eligible for LASIK who have held off on having the procedure due to the fear of the blade and/or complications, here are some great reasons to consider having it now. You can ask your ophthalmologist to use Femto laser instead of a blade, the safest option now available for LASIK.

We found that in addition to fewer complications, more patients achieved vision better than 20/20.

SuperSight Surgery is a dysfunctional lens replacement for people who are over 50 and thinking of ending their dependence on glasses.

SuperSight surgery procedure, by which the failing natural lenses in the eyes, which now optically inefficient, were replaced by soft multifocal intra-ocular lenses that can be made to focus for reading as well as being able to see all distances. Consequently, your vision after the procedure will be stable and unlikely to change over time; this can be an important turning back the clock visually. In addition, cataract surgery is unnecessary later in life. Dr Somchai T.shoke-satian (multi-award winning ophthalmologist at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya) is one of the finest eye surgeons and the pioneers in the world of an advanced and painless surgery, which is based on tried and tested technology. He has carried out this surgery for nine years on almost 5,000 patients, with a success rate approaching 100 percent.

1. Contact our staff at the SuperSight Surgery & LASIK Center on the 2nd floor, Building B to schedule a complete eye examination to see if you are eligible for SuperSight Surgery or any procedures. That way, doctor can examine your eyes and provide personalized answer to all your questions.

2.Schedule surgery when you have made your decision to undergo SuperSight Surgery (after an eye examination has been carried out and all information studied). You will be advised in detail on how to prepare yourself for surgery by our staff members on the day of the examination. There has never been a better time to bring your world back into focus because we are offering the safe and most successful procedure performed today.

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