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You and the Covid crisis

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We believe that everyone will get through the COVID-19 crisis if we all join forces to fight COVID. The economy and good quality of life will return to normal. We sincerely thank everyone for trying to contribute to bring smiles back in our society. We will get through this together…Stronger Together

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is a part of the support for everyone to remain healthy and safe using the following services

  • Training – Preparation before starting business in COVID-19 era
  • Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)
  • Alternative Hospital Quarantine (AHQ)
  • COVID-19 Screening service
  • Drive-THRU Vaccination
  • Prestige Wellness Supplements

1. Training – Preparation before starting business in COVID-19 era (Customized Training Program)

We are ready to provide you with the knowledge and preparation before starting a business, to help opening the business with safety for both themselves and customers, being the joint force to drive the economy and prevent the recurrence and spread of the COVID-19 to business owners and staff of the hotels and other business groups to prepare the safety standards by providing the services during the “New Normal”

2. Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)

When returning to Thailand…..stay safe and relaxed during your quarantine with the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ).

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya and in cooperation with some of the hotels in Pattaya City, are prepared to meet all the safety standards for providing services in the New Normal and ready to be evaluated by the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Defense as Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ). 

Both Thai and foreign travelers returning to Thailand can choose to be quarantined in the ASQ of their choice while providing the reassurance of their safety – especially for business groups – in accordance with the unlocking phase 5 from the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA). Click

ASQ esb

3. Alternative Hospital Quarantine (AHQ)

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya will be an Alternative Hospital Quarantine (AHQ) and welcomes medical and wellness tourists showcasing our international standard and premium care.

Those who wish, can undergo medical treatments or wellness services in Thailand, relaxing in the beach resort Pattaya.

This is to ensure that our customers will receive the best and most convenient care knowing that they are in a safe environment throughout their stay.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

4. COVID-19 Screening service

You can stop worrying and live your life with confidence and safety for yourself and society with screening test for COVID-19 by RT-PCR for test time and result Click


5. Drive-THRU Vaccination

Influenza vaccination is beneficial and safe, making the vaccine recipients feel more confident that the vaccine will prevent disease, reduce the severity and minimize risk of developing the disease. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is providing a speedy Drive-Thru Vaccination Click

Influenza1 esb

6. Prestige Wellness Center

Prestige Wellness Center or Anti-aging Center, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya cares for your health by providing full services for you to be healthy from inside and slow down the aging process using modern medical science and provide you with personalized care tailored for you Click

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