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How to enjoy getting older

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Quality of Life is the most important factor as you grow older. It’s not how long your life is, it is how much you can enjoy your life. I used to have a motto on the wall of my surgery which went “An increase in the length of your life is not equivalent to an increase in the Quality of your Life.”

For example, having a leg amputated because of diabetes and being confined to a wheelchair aged 60 is hardly an enjoyable exercise. And the sad part is that diabetes can be detected early. This is the same for many medical conditions – find it early enough before the aching of stiff joints stops your mobility (and enjoyment) for example.

For many people, they would like to do some testing to see if they are likely to be troubled by some aspect of aging. But what?

This is where we can help you. After researching various tests and results we can offer you a package deal covering the conditions you may experience as part of getting older. Look for the forthcoming Health Check 2020 discounts too. Some of the items covered include

• Osteoporosis Package (loss of calcium from the bones)
• Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (can be a pre-cursor to prostate cancer)
• Dental Implant Package (noticed how your teeth seem to fall out?)

Of course there are other items that are measured, such as your blood count, which can fall as you get older, your liver function which doesn’t do too well with alcohol, and a host of other measurements so you can enjoy your retirement.

But remember, that no matter how aging affects you, it is still better than the alternative! But in the meantime, work on being as fit as is possible to enjoy a good Quality of Life.


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