Thank you letter


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On the 19th of May 2011 I had an operation to my eyes at the Super Sight Surgery, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, which changed my life. I have worn glasses to read since I was 18 months old, and prior to the operation I needed glasses to see at distance, since the operation I can now read and see at distance to drive play golf and all the other things I want to do without having to wear glasses.

When you go to any hospital for any kind of treatment you are nervousness/worried even more so if it is in a town in another country where the local language is not the same as yours, and the only information you have is off the internet and E-mails that have been exchanged.
So when I walked into the lobby of the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, I was not sure what to expect, I was not prepared for the fantastic professional service of all the staff at the hospital, that I met.
I could see the reception desk as I walked in but didn’t get to it, before I was greeted by a member of staff who asked for my letters and documents that I had been asked to bring with me. This staff member took me to the reception desk and started getting every thing sorted out for me with in five minutes I had my hospital ID with my photo on it and given instructions on how to get to the department I needed.
I arrived on the second floor at the SuperSight Surgery again the staff put me at ease did blood pressure and weight checks, then I was taken into a room that had five eye test machines I was put onto four of these machines and each eye was tested , then escorted into a room where my eyes where tested using the standard test for long and short distance using lenses. Then back into waiting area given a coffee while I waited to see Doctor Somchai T ShokeSatian, I had just finished my coffee and I was in to see Dr Somchai who carried out two more tests on my eyes, at the end of these tests the doctor explained what would be done demonstrated what I could expect in my ability to see after operation and all possible problems. I was then told to make my mind up about what I wanted to do, as my decision had already been made other than being comfortable with the ability of the people doing the surgery and the after care service when I went out to the waiting room I told them I wanted the surgery, I was asked when I would like it done I said the next day if possible after a couple of minutes I was told it could be done at 10.00am next day. I was given eye drops that I had to put in my eyes ever hour for six hours after leaving hospital and tablet to be taken that night to help me relax that night.
Next morning I was in the hospital taken to my five / six star room, on the 12th floor with a view other the city, if it was not for the hospital bed you would think you where in top class hotel. I was taken down for the down for the operation at about 9.30 am and the next thing I was back in my room both eye’s had been operated on and at 3.30pm I was writing and reading notes in my I-pod without glasses. I had no pain or any problems of any description the staff looked after me as good if not better than if I had been in a private hospital back in Perth Western Australia.

The morning after the operation I went in to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and this was the first time in 62 years that I had seen the pupils of my eyes with out glasses, any one who has to suffer wearing glasses will understand what that means.

Since the operation every day is like Christmas as I look around and can see clearly and can read for the first time in my life.

I cannot praise the staff or Doctor Somchai not just for the operation that has changed my life but for the great care and kindness that I received while I was in the Hospital and the after care service after leaving. After the operation I told one my friends about the operation and he went in and also had the procedure done.

As a note to any one who reads this testimonial I have not received any incentive from the hospital or Dr Somchai, to write this.