It was a memorable time and one will will reflect on for a long time

K. Blundell (daughter)

Dear Dr Manoon and Sam

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how my father is getting along. As you know (Sam), he survived and enjoyed the flight home and spoke very highly of the service he received at the airport and from the flight attendants. He said you were a marvellous escourt and gave him all the reassurance he needed. He was most grateful for your service.

He saw his GP the following week who could not believe the excellent treatment he had received from the hospital staff in Thailand – he thought the quality and standard of the paperwork you sent over with my dad was the best he had ever seen – he is used to having the details translated when other patients come home from abroad with medical notes, so to get them in english to such a high standard was a delight.

His GP kept him on the same medication but told him not to drive until he had seen a Consultant at our local hospital.

He saw the Consultant on Tuesday of last week who again, could not believe the quality of the service my father had received. He was also equally impressed at the standard of the surgery performed by yourself. He was happy for my father to steadily increase his level of exercise and has allowed him to drive. He has however restricted the heavy gardening and will not let him play golf for at least another couple of months – much to my Dad’s disappointment – I have pointed out to him that it is a small price to pay! The Consultant has also told him he can fly although we are aware that the insurance premiums will probably cost a fortune. In one respect, I am glad he was taken ill in Thailand as I am sure he would not have received the high standard of treatment at home.

I am taking them away for a holiday next week in this country and hopefully,my husband and myself will travel back to Thailand at the end of October to finish off our Honeymoon. We love the country – you should be extremely proud. I cannot begin to thank you enough for saving my father’s life – we will be eternally grateful.

Please would you pass on our sincere thanks and gratitude to your fantastic team of nursing staff at the hospital and the admin staff in the offices on the ground floor. It was a memorable time and one will will reflect on for a long time with our very best wishes and kindest regards,