From my heart and I sincerely wish you all the best


I am very grateful to Doctor Mukda in that she re-gave me my hearing ability. For the last twelve years I had a complex about my hearing disability and that I could not communicate with my friends or colleagues during social events. But now I am just very happy.

I wanted that the hearing aid would be very small, that’s why a special thank you to Doctor Mukda that she has made my dream come true.

If we would be in Russia we can call you kind of Fairy from the Magic Would. I was pleased to know the Russian lady, Natalia in your Hospital, who is translator here. She helped me as well to make my dream com true. Such a professional kind of translation I have experienced the first time in my life.

And as we say in Russia: “from my heart and I sincerely wish you all the best”. I and my family are living in Sibiria on Baykal Lake, we would be very happy to see you visiting our country and try a fish from Sibirian river.