BPH truly lived up to its promise of providing state-of-the-art patient care.



I’m sorry it has taken so long for me to write about my positive experience at BPH. My experience at BPH was wonderful and exceeded my expectations. Undergoing major surgery is very stressful, and doing it in a foregin country so far away from family only adds to the stress. However, you and the entire staff did everything possible to ease my mind and to create a positive experience.

Starting with the little things, such as having reliable airport transportation, having our serviced apartment ready upon arrival, and meeting you shortly after arriving, made me feel like a welcomed guest and gave me confidence in the facility. The assurance you provided was comforting. Just knowing that I could pick up the phone to receive assistance made a world of difference and quickly helped me to relax. Everything I needed to settle in that first day was provided — a clean and comfortable room, a clear schedule of the next day’s activities, and a person I could call upon if needed.

The pre-op consultations and medical tests were conducted in a highly professional manner at one of the most beautiful hospitals I have ever seen. I felt very comfortable knowing that I would be in Dr. Anuchit’s hands. Everything went as planned that day, with no surprises, and I felt ready to handle the surgery ahead. The day of the surgery went equally as well. I was impressed with the beautiful private room and the professionalism of the nursing staff. By the time I was ready to be taken to surgery, I felt calm and knew that having surgery at BPH was a good decision.

The two days following the surgery were very physically uncomfortable for me. However, despite the discomfort, I felt that I was in good hands, and welcomed the visits by Drs. Anuchit and Taiwan, as well as the steady stream of nurses. Upon release, recovering at the serviced apartment was a good choice. Having this option made a huge difference and I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to recover in. It was quiet and I could sleep day and night, it was easy to see Dr. Anuchit for post-op visits, and having breakfast delivered each morning was a treat. I really didn’t have to worry about a thing and I would recommend staying at the serviced apartments to anyone having surgery. While there, the only things I I had to think about was keeping my appointments with Dr. Anuchit and ordering breakfast!

Now that it has been a little more than three months since my surgery, my healing is near complete and all of my post-op concerns are finally behind me. The abrasions I had under my chin are barely noticeable, most of the nerve function has been restored, and the asymmetry is just about resolved, just as Dr. Anuchit said had predicted. When I look into the mirror, I smile and know that choosing BPH was the right choice for me.

In closing, I want to thank you for all of your assistance. As I mentioned earlier, just knowing you were a phone call away helped me to relax during this most stressful time. The assistance you gave to Kathy during her unfortunate drainage tube incident provided the both of us with a lot of comfort and confidence, and we both felt as though you were watching out for us and were genuinely concerned for our well-being.

BPH truly lived up to its promise of providing state-of-the-art patient care. Though the facility was beautiful, it’s really the quality of medical care and the people who create the experience — people like you, the skillful doctors and nurses, and all the others ranging from desk staff to housekeepers. Thank you, all!