Yellow Fever Vaccine

Following the announcement from the Ministry of Public Health, if you wish to travel to African countries or South America you need to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever Vaccine Price 3,850 baht (THB)

What you need to know about the vaccine:
1. Be vaccinated at least 10 days prior to travel
2. By 10 days after the vaccination, around 80-100% for those who are vaccinated will have the immunity for yellow fever for life
3. Children age 9 months and over can receive the vaccine
4. You need to bring passport or a copy to get the yellow fever vaccine as the staff need to record your passport number on the vaccine certificate

  1. This price includes doctor fee, hospital service charge and vaccine certification
  2. Package can be purchased following physician recommendation at Health Promotion Center only (E Building 5 floor)

Available from Today to 31 December 2024

Yellow Fever Vaccine