Skin Prick Test Packages

Skin Prick Test Packages


  • know test results immediately To reduce the chance of developing serious allergy complications
  • Getting tested for allergies allows you to avoid triggers efficiently.
  • Improving quality of life and prevent life – threatening allergic reactions.
  • Considering the clinical history and physical examination for diagnostic approach.

Skin Prick Test Packages

Basic 9 Allergen
Special 2,899 Price

Minor 12 Allergen
Special 3,599 Price

Major 25 Allergen
Special 3,999 Price

  1. These prices includes doctor fee and hospital service charge.
  2.  Pre-tests is provided to consult by specialized allegists.
  3. These prices exclude home medication and complications that may require additional equipment.
  4. The tests are suitable for person aged over 15 years old.
  5. Please avoid taking anti-allergy or mucus reduction medicine for at least 7 days before undergoing the test.

Available from Today until 31 December 2024.