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Cabaret Shows / Off-shore Islands

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Cabaret Shows

Alcazar on Pattaya II Road with three shows daily at 6 p.m., 8 p.m., and 9.30 p.m. Extra show on Saturday at 11 p.m. Call (038) 410225 for more information.

Tiffany on Pattaya II Road with three shows daily at 7 p.m., 8.30 p.m. and 10.00 p.m. Call (038) 429642, 421700-5 for more information.

The Pattaya Park at Chomtien features a large water park with giant sliders and a tower to enjoy the view of Pattaya. There is also a revolving restaurant. Tel: (038) 251201-8 or (02) 579 9612-4, 941 2056.

Off-shore Islands

Off-shores are several popular small isles where visitors can enjoy scuba-diving to view underwater corals. Tour counters within hotels can make the necessary arrangement. Alternatively, boats can be rented around the Beach Road or at the South Pattaya landing. Several types of vessels are available.

Ko Lan is some 7.5 kilometers or 45 minutes by ferry from Pattaya. The 2 km. x 5 km. land area offers several white, sandy beaches such as Hat Ta Waen to the north. This is where most of the tour boats make anchor to take advantage of the food-shops and stalls along the shore. Hat Laem Thian and Hat Samae are located to the southwest while Hat Ta Phan is to the west of the island. Facing Hat Ta Phan are coral ranges. To the south are some hotels and is another site to view coral reefs. Visitors can choose glass-bottom boats and surface-diving.

Getting there: A ferry leave South Pattaya pier daily from 10 a.m. until 6.30 p.m. On return, the ferry leaves Ko Lan’s Na Ban Beach at 12 noon and 2 p.m. speed boats are also available at South Pattaya beach.

Some 8 kilometers off Pattaya Beach is Ko Khrok, an isle almost totally surrounded by rock formations. A gap of 100 meters to the east is a stretch of sandy beach from which visitors can go and enjoy viewing underwater coral reefs. This island can be reached by chartered boat from South Pattaya.

Some six hundred meters further from Ko Lan, or about 10 kilometers from Pattaya is Ko Sak , a small island shaped like an upturn horse-shoe. There are two connecting beaches to the north and south. Along the south shore are ranges of corals. Ko Sak can be reached by chartered boat from South Pattaya.

Two hours, 23 kilometers from Pattaya are the Ko Phai Islands, the largest of which is Ko Phai. Others include Ko Manwichai, Ko Luam and Ko Klungbadan. The area is under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy. However, visitors are allowed for swimming, relaxation or diving but only during daytime. Overnight stays are not permitted.

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