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Miracle at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

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The doctors had given him up but he was saved by the great surgeon Dr. Montree Luksuwong of the neurology department at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya in December 2006. Mr. Benoit suffered from complicated aneurismal rupture with cerebral hemorrhage.
The great surgeon Dr. Montree Luksuwong took the great risk to accept to operate as a last resort.
Thank you and thank you again Dr. Montri Luxuwong. Mr Benoit is now doing very well. He is out of danger and there are no after effects.

Dr. Montree Luksuwong:

  • You are wise
  • Your thinking and your technique of operation make you a top professional
  • You are the finger of miracle
  • We are so lucky to benefit from your delicate touch

We also thank the whole medical team assembled by Dr. Montree Luksuwong for this operation. We thank the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya for having selected the best surgeons, professors and doctors for our health. Thank you also to the hospital administration for their kindness, their warm hospitality and their professionalism. The Bangkok Pattaya directors run the most advanced hospital in the world. Again bravo and thank you to all. Dr. Montree Luksuwong you will always remain deep in our hearts and minds till the end of our life. A thousand thank yous from, ref:

Testimonial from Mr. Benoit and Miss Emma

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