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Nine Risk Factors in Cerebrovascular accidents (Brain Stroke)

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Cerebrovascular accident (CVA), paralysis or hemiplegia is the third ranking cause of death after heart disease and cancer. CVA is often found in older people and in anyone who has the risk factors shown below. As a result of a CVA, neurological systems will subsequently be affected. The causes of CVA include abnormalities incurred in the cerebral vascular system; atherosclerosis from high cholesterol, cerebral artery blockage from clots flowing in the bloodstream. The clot blocking the vessel may destroy the cerebral cells. Most of the patients will immediately show neurological symptoms once the cerebral vascular system is blocked or brain hemorrhage occurs. Therefore, we should avoid these following risk factors that may cause a CVA;

1. Hypertension
This disease can cause degradation of the blood vessels. As the high pressures affect the blood vessel wall, the flexibility and the strength of the wall are decreased. According to the medical statistics, 35 – 73 percent of brain disease patients also suffer from the hypertension.

2. Diabetes
This is the second leading cause after hypertension that may lead to CVA.

3. Obesity
Overweight people have a high possibility to have hypertension, diabetes, or both.

4. High cholesterol
This may cause the inflexibility of the cerebral blood vessel wall consequently the vessel may become blocked. If the blood vessel blockage happens near the cerebral area, there would be a lack of blood. The brain cells would die and that person would become paralyzed.

5. Smoking and Drinking habits
These habits lead to the weakness of the blood vessel wall. The vessel wall of smokers is more fragile than those of non-smokers.

6. Blood concentration
If the hemoglobin level is higher than normal, there is a high possibility of CVA.

7. Heart diseases
Congestive heart failure or valvular heart disease.

8. Medicines
Some medicines are not appropriate for the hypertensive patients. (Birth control pills, for example)

9. Age-related degeneration
This also affects the blood vessels.

Now we know the factors and the dangers of blood vessel disease. Therefore, please correct those factors that are under your control to enable you to have good health, before the effects are permanent.

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