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What is lying in wait for you???

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If I were to tell you that you would die in six months, what would you do?

But if I were to tell you that I could reverse that outcome and give you many more years with Quality of Life, which would you choose?

Silly question, as of course you would choose Quality of Life

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that you will live forever, but I can certainly assist you in getting the most out of a longer life.  A healthy longer life that is.

Check-up packages are designed to allow us to compare your physical health and note trends from one year to the next.

Many of the items we check are to disclose “silent” killers.  Conditions that can kill you without your noticing anything wrong.

Examples of this include Blood Pressure (BP), as high BP can affect many organs in the body, not just the heart leading to heart attacks.  But an elevated BP generally gives no warning symptoms.

Likewise, cholesterol and other blood fats can produce blockages in the blood vessels supplying the brain.  What are your levels?

Another example is blood sugar.  Again, it requires sky-high sugar levels before the person begins to feel that something might be wrong.  And by then the sugar levels have affected vision, the vascular system and many other systems, all of which can decrease your future Quality of Life.  Amputation of a limb is a common result of unchecked blood sugar levels.

Lung conditions, such as cancer, bronchiectasis and tuberculosis can be spotted and treatment started early, before it is too late.

Liver function tests will show if cirrhosis is potentially just around the corner.

Healthy Lady 2019 & You, runs till September 30 and prices start at THB 2,900.

How cheap is that?


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