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The Sinus & Allergy Clinic

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The Sinus & Allergy Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, sinus conditions, hay fever, chronic coughs, recurrent colds and bronchitis, hives and skin allergies, and other immunologic conditions.

  • Skin Tests. These are conducted to identify possible allergens.
  • Immunotherapy. Better known as “allergy shots,” this involves giving gradually increased doses of the substance, or allergen, to which the patient is allergic, thereby increasing tolerance to those allergens.
  • Sinuscopy. A sinuscope connected to a TV monitor allows us to access and inspect the sinus cavities and related structures. Sinoscopy can be either diagnostic or involve the use of lasers or other instruments that allow the surgeon to actually treat the underlying cause of the symptoms.
  • Blood Tests for Allergy Screening. Our screening process measures your immune system’s response and possible allergic reaction to particular foods or medications.
  • Sinus Balloon. Balloon Sinuplasty technology is a fast, innovative and easy way to reestablish ventilation and draining of blocked sinus passageways using balloon dilation.

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Health Articles