There are 2 main problems from falling hair – thinning hair and baldness

cause hair transplant

1. Genetic

The main cause of the problem is genetic. It is found in more than 95% that it will result in permanent baldness. However, with Genetic causes, the hair around the front and middle die but there is still strong hair around the back and sides. This allows us to use cells from these areas to grow in the previously problem areas.

2. Other causes

Other causes are found in less than 5% caused from disease such as toxic goiter, hypothyroidism, postpartum period, post-major surgery, flu recovery period, serious heavy dieting, stress, skin problems, ovarian cancer, SLD disease, typhoid, syphilis, diabetes, chronic disease or some side-effect from medications such as chemotherapy.  Falling hair from these causes is only temporary and normally fall out from every area on the scalp. When all the conditions are treated, hair will grow again. However, for people who have had brain surgery, head injury or burns, the hair will not grow in the affected areas.