FAQ About Hemodialysis

Answer :

Do you treat patients who are HIV positive and patients with hepatitis at the same machine?

Although patients are treated on the same machines, disposable devices are always used one time and thrown away. Optimal care is used in universal precautions to prevent the spreading of infectious diseases.

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Is it possible to do the dialysis treatment in the evening?

Only in emergency cases. Regular hours are from 8:00am-18:00pm Monday to Friday and Sunday.

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What’s the highest volume of water the patients in your hospital are allowed to pass in one hour?

Approximately 0.5-1.5 litres depending on the individual.

Answer : Which vaccination do you advise?
Hepatitis vaccine A and B
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Please describe the equipment in the dialysis ward.

We have five Japanese State of the Art dialysis machines with monitors for BP, vital signs 02 saturation.

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During the treatment, is there always a Doctor on duty?

Yes, a doctor is always on duty and the Hemodialysis center is very close to CCU, so we have all facilities available.