Fibrosis and Fatty Liver Screening – Fibroscan

Fibrosis and Fatty Liver Screening – Fibroscan


Silent disaster!! Anyone can develop a damaged liver. It’s not only caused by heavy drinking or consuming grilled food.

Additionally , everyday lifestyle choices play a significant role, such as:

  • Eating fried or high-fat foods
  • Consuming sugary beverages like fizzy drinks, tea, coffee, or fruit juices regularly
  • Excessively using vitamins, weight loss medicine, or other medications
  • Having conditions like obesity, diabetes, or high blood pressure

Fibrosis and fatty liver screening – Fibroscan Price 699 (THB)

  1. This price includes doctor fee to perform the procedure and hospital service charge.
  2. This price excludes home medication and complications that may require additional equipment.
  3. For more information and to make an appointment please contact GI and Liver Center at 0 3890 9345 (8 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Available from 1 Nov- 31 Dec 2023, and pre-purchased package can be used up to 29 Feb 2024.