Package Endoscopic discectomy & decompression

  • Highly experienced orthopedic surgeon
  • Small incision (only 0.8cm) helps reduce the chance of infection and less blood loss
  • Accurate with high resolution surgical camera
  • Less pain – Surgery in specific area only, reduces injury to neighboring tissues
  • Hospital stay 1-2 nights, Quick recovery and faster resumption of daily life

If no better after taking antibiotic, physiotherapy or steroid injection Don’t let chronic back pain ruin your daily life
Endoscopic spine surgery Is a treatment offering a better Quality of Life

• Endoscopic discectomy & decompression
Hospital Stay 1 (Day) Price 289,000 (THB)

*The price includes the following surgery-related service fees;

  1. Doctor fees, anesthesiologist fee, operating room fees, recovery room,medical supplies, and operating room equipment
  2. Standard room fees, meals, nursing service fees and Home medicine cost (according to the specified length of stay).
  3. Inpatient medicines costs, Medical Equipment, and Physical Therapy equipment (while staying in the hospital).
  4. The mentioned price is for Thai or Foreigners residing in Thailand (Expat) only.
  5. The hospital reserves the right to change conditions without prior notice.

**The above prices do not include the following service fees;

  1. Patient expenses incurred before and after entering the one price program.
  2. Other medical expenses where the patient has underlying disease or complications.
  3. For more information, please contact Orthopedic surgery center, Tel.0 3825 9999
Available from Today until 31 December 2023.

Package Endoscopic discectomy & decompression