Anti-aging Medicine Package

Anti-aging Medicine Package



Anti-aging medicine…Science that addresses the need of all ages.

Micronutrient Profile (Result takes 10 days)
Price 12,000 (THB)

Food intolerance program (Result takes 7 days)
Price 14,900 (THB)

DNA premium (Result takes 60 days)
Price 25,000 (THB)

Intravenous vitamin supplementation program for rehabilitation after COVID-19 infection 3 sessions
Price 2,900 (THB)

Healthy Bright Program Enhance beautiful skin and reduce dark spots
Price 3,400 (THB)

Amino acid – Body metabolism stimulation formula 
Price 3,400 (THB)

Liver Health Treatment 1 Session
Price 5,500 (THB)

Liver Health Treatment 6 Session
Price 29,950 (THB)

  1. These prices include doctor fee for informing results of health examination and hospital service charge.
  2. These prices exclude medicines and other procedures.
  3. For more information and booking appointment please contact Prestige Wellness Center, call 0 3825 9954

Available from 1 Nov- 31 Dec 2023, and pre-purchased package can be used up to 29 Feb 2024.