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Mechanical Thrombectomy


Treating ischemic or acute stroke by Mechanical Thrombectomy

Mechanical Thrombectomy is a highly effective treatment today, removing blood clots that are blocking the cerebral artery and open blood vessels that allow blood to nourish the brain. This treatment will be more effective for the patient with clots in the cerebral arteries. It also reduces disabilities from ischemic brain and cerebral edema during craniotomy.

This method will help reduce the patient’s chance to have to undergo surgery, brain concussion, disability and death in patients with thrombosis in the cerebral arteries.

These are indications for the patients who will need Mechanical Thrombectomy

  • Patients who have been treated with intravenous fibrinolysis drugs, with no improvement.
  • Patients with blood clot in the large cerebral artery.
  • Patients unable to take fibrinolytic drugs or have abnormal blood clotting
  • Patients with risk signs of stenosis or occlusion, dizziness, weakness, half hemisphere or both sides, difficulty moving tongue, blurred sight, loss of balance, should be immediately taken to the hospital.

Emergency care “Stroke Fast Track system” is suitable for treatment of stroke patient with Mechanical Thrombectomy with cooperation by Neurologists and vascular surgeons, using a Hybrid operating room that is suitable for all fast track treatment and ready to carry out Mechanical Thrombectomy within 6 hours.

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