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Arterial surgery with stent

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The abnormal in artery occurs quite often currently due to the deteriorated and weaken of blood vessel’s wall. It also joints the condition of high blood pressure, coronary clot. The standard treatment can be done by surgery, cut the inflated artery off and replace by artificial artery. This operation needs many medical personnel, expert cardiac surgeon, modern equipment, lab’s excellent support of blood. Moreover, the important indication of treatment success is the quickness in getting service and detection.

At the heart Center of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, we provide service 24 hours, so that patient can be performed the surgery immediately. This makes the chance of success in treatment higher.

There is no need for a big operation for arterial surgery with stent now. Patients will have a small incision at their leg to replace the stent inside the arteries by applying x-ray for position indication. The inflated arteries in chest and abdominal will stunt automatically. This can decrease amount of blood use and spend less time staying in CCU.

For those who have risk in artery abnormality, please contact Bangkok Pattaya Hospital Heart Center at any time and we are open 24 hours.

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